Best Stained Glass Solder Irons in 2022

List of Top 10 Stained Glass Solder Irons

Review of Best Stained Glass Solder Irons

1. Weller WLC200 80 Watt Hobby and Stained Glass Soldering Station

  • Adjustable power range from 5 watts to 80 watts provides the variable, controlled temperature needed for a range of hobbyist jobs
  • Includes station base, SPG80 lightweight pencil soldering iron ideal for midsize work, 3/8” chisel tip, pencil iron holder, and cleaning sponge
  • The fully removable soldering iron and replaceable heating element let you upgrade or customize your station
  • Produces up to 900° F of controllable, reliable heat fast and recovers that heat quickly to keep your workflow efficient
  • Comes with 3/8” Chisel Tip (MTG20) and compatible with the MTG21 1/4" chisel tip and MTG22 .375” cone tip Weller pencil soldering iron tips
  • Sponge built into the base unit can be used to keep tip clean and extend the part’s life

2. Choice 100 Watt Stained Glass Soldering Iron and Rheostat

  • 100 watt soldering iron with a 1/4 chisel tip
  • Iron will heat up to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Rheostat regulates flow of current into the soldering iron to control temperature
  • Rheostat case can be attached to a work surface if desired

3. 60/40 Rosin Core Solder Wire, 0.6mm and 1.5mm Tin Lead Rosin Core Solder for Stained Glass, Electronics, Gauge Wires, Jewelry, Electric Toys and Models,(0.6mm and 1.5mm/ 50g)

  • Tin Lead Rosin Core Solder:rosin core solder wire is designed for electrical repairs, such as radios, TVs, VCRs, stereos, wires, motors, circuit board and other electronics devices,gauge wires, toys, stained glass, jewelry and more; NOT for plumbing
  • Solder Wire Composition:60% Tin and 40% lead. Melting point 190°C / 374°F, quick and easy,Rosin core with 2% flux, no extra flux is needed
  • Good quality soldering wire: flows well and heats evenly, easy to use. Good solder ability both in electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity; With the solder wire reel, soldering can be accomplished quickly.
  • Pack Content: 50g( 0.11lbs) 0.6mm X1 and 50g( 0.11lbs) 1.5mm X1, perfect as a starter kit for beginners
  • Rosin Core Solder Wire:We have a professional team and provide high 60/40 rosin core solder wire.

4. JIAHCN Soldering Station Soldering Iron Kit Digital Soldering Stations Solder Station with Soldering Flux Tip Cleaner for Electronics, Stained Glass, Jewelry Making, Guitar Repair, Computer Repair

  • 🛠️【Quality, Durability, Reliability】 The soldering iron of this soldering station uses a premium alumina ceramic heater. Compared with a metal heater, the ceramic heater is safer (insulated), has better thermal conductivity, and is more resistant to oxidation. The soldering iron with ceramic heater heats up faster, takes less than 30 seconds to heat up from 392°F to 896°F. Perfect for beginners and experts.
  • 🛠️【16-in-1 Soldering Station Kit】 Digital soldering station with 1 soldering pen, 1 roll of lead free solder wire, 5 soldering tips, 1 brass solder tip cleaner with 1 flux for soldering, 1 sponge soldering iron tip cleaner, 1 wire stripper cutter, 1 soldering iron stand welding holder, 1 solder holder, 1 tweezers, 2 electronic wires.
  • 🛠️【Features】 The soldering stations will enter a sleep mode and cool down to 482 ℉ automatically to prevent oxidation and extend the life of the soldering iron after it is idle for more than 10 minutes. The soldering station is ESD safe, highly accurate with PID temperature control. The soldering station also has a ℃/℉ switch.
  • 🛠️【Super Flexible Soldering Iron Cord】 The cord of the soldering iron has almost no memory, it's made of Teflon and silica gel which can maintain flexibility in long-time use and even in winter. The flexible cord makes the solder iron super comfortable to use.
  • 🛠️【Versatility】 This soldering iron station kit can be used as a stained glass soldering iron, jewelry soldering kit for jewelry repair and making, guitar repair kit, electric soldering iron, computer repair tool kit, or solder gun kit for electronics.

5. Soldering Mat Heat Resistant Board Large Soldering Station Kit Circuit Solder Holder Heat Gun Mat Pad Resistant 932°F Hobby Electronics Mat for Heat Gun Stained Glass Board 15.9"x 12" (Grey)

  • Heat Resistant Board: This soldering work mat heat resistant can reach 932°F(500℃). Protect your desk or workbench from high temperature damaged or burning.
  • Userful Compartnet and Unique Design: The large soldering mat (size:15.7'*11.8'*0.11') with 68 compactments can store all the tiny part and small crews in tidy. When you doing your soldering work, make your soldering kits organized. Include the large-scale, you can measure freely.
  • Easy Clean and Easy Store: Easily cleaned with wet cloth or water. Just rolls up for storage.
  • Best Gift for Techie: A perfect gift workbench mat for repairing smartphone, tablet, PC,even watches etc. Especially a unique gift for those engineers or technie who love the assembling or soldering.
  • Multi-function Bench Mat: This soldering mat also can be used in many area. Store other hot hair tools, like hair flat iron, Salon area, kitchen heat tableware, baking etc

6. Choice 100W soldering iron

  • 120v
  • 100 watt
  • Comes with a 1/4 inch chisel style tip that heats up to 1000 degrees fahrenheit

7. Weller SPG80L Marksman 80 Watt Stained Glass Soldering Iron

  • Leading manufacturer of high-quality tools
  • Made to withstand even the most demanding jobs
  • International renown for our diverse range of products
  • All our products have been designed with the requirements of the professional in mind
  • Trusted, designed, and used by experts

9. Artist Pure 60/40 Premium Stained Glass Solid Core Solder Wire, 1/8" Diameter, 1 Pound Spool

  • 60/40 Solder = 60% Tin & 40% Lead
  • Wire Size: 1/8" (3mm) dia.
  • Melting Point: 374°F & Solidifies @ 361°F
  • Spool: 1lb.
  • Quantity: 1 Spool

10. Canfield 60/40 solder for stained glass

  • 60/40 is 60% tin and 40% lead
  • For use on copper foil seams and lead came seams
  • Melting temperature: 361° - 376°F.
  • 1Lb Roll (ONE POUND)
  • Offers superior flow

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